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Drama in Worship

Below is a list of scripts for worship I’ve written over the past few years. These are available for purchase at my other site.

“Bringing Back the Water” – A story for four voices, written especially for water communion services.

The Famine, the Alchemist, and the Philosopher Queen – A chancel drama written for the new building dedication at the Unitarian Church of Los Alamos, August 2016 (coming soon)

The Crow Services

My friend Crow makes a couple of appearances each year. She always asks good questions. (links will go live as the PDFs are ready)

Crow Wants to Know . . . What’s Unitarian Universalism?

Crow Wants to Know  . . . About Giving

Crow Wants to Know . . . What a Family Is

Crow Wants to Know . . . How to Save the World

Crow Wants to Know . . . How to Say “Hello”

Crow Wants to Know . . . How Big the Heart Is