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After 50 years, Unitarian Universalism has entered its adolescence, with all of the angst and identity crises that comes along with those turbulent years. John Cullinan – minister of the Unitarian Church of Los Alamos, New Mexico – has spent the first years of his ministry attempting to explore what it means to claim the name Unitarian Universalist as the church enters its next 50 years. These collected sermons explore where we have come from as a faith tradition and who it is we are becoming. From the past, Rev. Cullinan has taken hold of a message that can carry Unitarian Universalists into the future: you are loved; you are worthy; our lives are bound together; and so bound, we cannot give up on one another.

Your life is a gospel.

Your Life Is a Gospel is $18.00 US, and is printed and sold through CreateSpace &

Your Life Is a Gospel is also available for the Kindle reader for $9.99.