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Month: December 2014

An Advent Prayer for a People Tired of Waiting



Gracious Spirit of all life and all love

In this season of waiting we light a candle in anticipation of the advent of peace.

And yet, we wonder: How long, Spirit, must we wait for peace?

We are weary —

weary of young black lives gunned down in the name of what some would call “order”

weary of the powers that serve us making excuses and looking away

weary of watching our world come apart at the seams

weary of waiting for hope and peace, for joy and love that now seem so much farther off than Christmas Day

weary unto sorrow and paralysis

In the face of all this, O Spirit, breathe into us a second wind.

Unsettle us

Discomfort us

Do not let us grow complacent in our weariness,

But rather stir up the embers that glow within our tired souls.

Make our an active waiting, a raucous waiting with a voice relentless in its cry for justice,

So that we might at last become co-conspirators in the advent of peace we so desperately need.