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Your Life Is A Gospel

Rev. John Cullinan

Your Life Is A Gospel - Rev. John Cullinan

Prayer Before the New Mexico House of Representatives, 29 January 2013

In this moment before the work of the day begins, before we speak and act, before we struggle and find our common ground

Let us pause, quiet our minds, still our bodies, breathe deep, and allow ourselves to come into the presence of that which we call Holy.

Eternal, Beloved, Gracious

God of many names

We pause this morning in gratitude – there is so much for which to be grateful

For the beauty of creation that surrounds us and makes us humbled to call this place our home

For the spirit of life that flows through that creation, uniting its people in common breath and common dignity

For the spirit of democracy that allows us as one people to chart our own course

For the spirit of vocation that calls us to give of ourselves in service to one another

For the spirit of trust that makes that service in the name of democracy possible

May we be worthy of the trust given to us

May we live up to the highest ideals of our call to serve

May those who serve today remain focused on the greater vision that gives rise to that call, and not lose sight of it in the midst of our divisions.

May you serve with wisdom and courage this day. May you find the strength to stand when you must, and the humility to bend when you must.

May you open your hearts wide enough to hold every person you serve, remember the common breath and the common dignity we all share –  remember our faces today in this chamber, so that you may look us in the eyes when you leave, that we might know our trust has been well placed.

Eternal, Beloved, Gracious

God of many names

For the gift of this day and the values that bring us together in the work entrusted to us, this morning we are blessed to pause and give thanks. In the name of that which we know as Holy. In the name of all the helpers of humankind. Amen.

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